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Check Out Gene Autry and the Golden Ladder Gang Ruger LCP

A super rare vintage book that's custom tailored to fit your stock Ruger LCP like a glove. Actually, it's more like the worlds most unassuming carry case for that slick little pistol. We have one but it has the Crimson Trace laser on it.

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Frquently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you don't see answered here then please email us below and we will probably add your question to this page.

Can you combine books together to make a bigger hiding space?

Yes, similar sized books can be combined. Some books have marked fronts or backs which make them more sutiable for the interior of a book case.

Can I send you my own book for you to hollow?


Can you make a book that will hide my gun?

Certainly. Measurements and/or a traced outline of the weapon will be needed.

Can I get 300 books for a wedding to put my invitations in?

With notice.

Will you ship to Australia?

We ship worldwide.

Are the outsides of the paper glued together or are they left loose like a normal book?

The pages are glued. They are not loose. Some older books with uneven pages still appear to be loose but most books are glued solid. The glue is clear however and they still look just like paper. Individual pages are clearly defined on most books.

What do you want to know?


Recent Additions to FHB

For Love Cover

For Love

A great wedding gift to hold some cash or a gift. We made 4 books for a wedding party in Australia but the buyer backed out. Get a great deal. ... Read More

Shogun  A Novel of Japan  Cover

Shogun A Novel of Japan

The land of the rising sun brings you this little gem. ... Read More

Average American Boy  Glock Compact Desktop Book Cover

Average American Boy Glock Compact Desktop Book

Designed to lay o er the top of your mid sized Glock. Quick access. Also a lovely art piece to display. ... Read More

Joshua  Son of None by Nancy Freedman Cover

Joshua Son of None by Nancy Freedman

Its says Joshua on the spine and some other stuff. Cheap!... Read More

Landscape Structures and Decks  iPad Air 2 Case Cover

Landscape Structures and Decks iPad Air 2 Case

Painstakingly crafted to be the most unique iPad case on the planet. If you don't count the Cowboy one above.... Features include; surreptitiously c... Read More

10 Little Golden Books together  Cover

10 Little Golden Books together

This is only the second one of these we've ever done. The first one sold quickly. This one is bigger too. 10 books vs 8 the last time. Go to the SOLD ... Read More

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